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Jon8547360's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 1 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 5 Points

Sentry Knight Conquest

Environmental Opportunist Unlocked 8/2/15
5 Points
Kill an enemy with an explosive barrel.
Population Control 5 Points Kill a Dark Mage before he summons any Skeletons.
Powerhouse 5 Points Slay 250 enemies.
Beast Master 10 Points Find and tame all six pets.
Expertise 10 Points Completely max out one upgrade.
Matriarchy Abolished 10 Points Defeat the Queen Slime.
Survivalist 10 Points 3 Star all 3 Arenas.
Alpha Marksman 25 Points Defeat every boss.
Star Worshipper 50 Points Collect every Star.
Untouchable 100 Points Defeat the final boss without taking damage.

Medals Earned: 1/10 (5/230 points)